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A Guide On Using Sort Ad Style While Searching & Posting

It is different listings layouts served to the end users with different views of information depending on the category to drill through specific content types. These are business listings, job ads, vehicles for sale, products for sale, housing, community posts plus our wishing well charity category. If you are trying to filter out various types of postings it helps narrow down the search for users in our databases.

If you sell vehicles go to Automotive >> VIEW VEHICLES

On the Ads you can see we ask for the following information for auto sellers and dealerships to help both promote dealerships plus inventory further.

When using the Sort Ad Style: Vehicles For Sale the ad view for car buyers and sellers that show additional fields like Cost of Vehicle, Original MSRP, Brand, Model, Vin, Carfax Link, Mileage, Interior / Exterior Color, Condition and More.

Vehicles For Sale Ads are for 60 Day Time for the regular ad post review cost of $2 each.

When Car Buyers browsing in any subcategories within Automotive >> VIEW VEHICLES

The following front end filters will allow them to search for specifics. 




Employers, If you have a Job to Fill you can go to see examples of a job listing under HIRE WORKER

On the Ads you can see we ask for the following information for the hiring ad and company background.

When using the Sort Ad Style: Hiring Job Ad the ad view for job seekers and employers show additional fields like Pay Estimate, Job Type, Job Benefits, Job Qualifications, Job Skills Preferred, Job Link to 3RD Party Listing, Link To Company Glassdoor Profile, Company Job Board Link With All Positions, Minimum Education Level and Button To Apply on External Resume Database. All Job Ad postings in the Sort Ad Style:

Hiring Job Ads are for 60 Days Time for the regular ad posting review cost of $2 each unless we are running a special.

Job Seekers will get the following additional views when browsing through any subcategories of HIRE WORKER




We help connect real estate agents and landlords to a more cost effective platform to generate more eyeballs on your listings. We ask the following searchable fields for users to locate housing within their counties.

The following search filters can be found while browsing within HOUSING HELP 

The MLS# Search box only displays on For Sale Listings and is not visible when in the For Rent section.


When Shopping for actual products on our site whether new or used, using the Sort Ad Style Items For Sale will filter out all other style ads to narrow down to your needs. You can see the added data we ask on product sellers and listers when available to help better your sales conversions using our system.

When browsing through the search box and landing in products for sale categories, you will be prompted with a new box Condition.

This asks if used, new, open box, refurbished or like new.

On the product ad page you will see many added details on the specific listed product.

The Community Posts Sort Ad Style are ads relating to specific categories but are not location specific usually. These ads will only display under the main top level USA location category, not within state or county listing pages. These pages are usually not for walk-in type ads and rarely have a map on the ad display page. The post usually is relating in a manner to specific topics on the Categories index.

This style layout is our main layout that posts both in your location and categories. You can place your ad in the county your biz resides or serves. If the ad is in the county you reside you will get a PIN marker to your location if you accept walk in traffic. If you service an area we can remove the map on the ad if you prefer. All local businesses can post their Facebook biz page url to the posting also. Certain categories drill down to very detailed info in the ad depending on what you are browsing. An example is the Tasty Eats food category which allows food services to link to a menu and also a online ordering system they use.

This feature is still in the development and testing stages.

Different Charities and organizations sometimes need a Donation Page URL area during the posting so we have added this in for you when posting your ad under this Category and it will display when in the Listing View. See a ad in the bottom of the above example ad where this displays.




Walk-Thru On Special Categories Custom Fields While Searching & Posting

This Top Level category has 3 different subcategories all with 3 different Sort Ad Style Listing views within. The First subcategory is BUY PRODUCTS $$$ that allows for actual New & Used Automotive Products for sale. These will be items that have a real live SKU # serving the Items For Sale display ad. The next is SHOP SERVICES *** which allows shops and local stores to list in the Local Biz Listed ad style with a map to help further garner more walk-in customers. The last view is VIEW VEHICLES ^^^ display view for both new & used car listings. Whether you are selling your own vehicle or a large dealership, our system helps motivate buyers locally to help close more sales.

In Get Contractors and service industry categories ask specifics like whether they are insured, registered and bonded plus the actual state GC# to help ensure that you get the level of experience you are trying to hire for on skilled trade work.

In the Hire Services area we listed popular services used in many peoples everyday lives. When browsing or posting in this area we allow the poster to list both a Facebook & LinkedIn company url to further verify identity of the company ad. 

Hire Worker allows for numerous special fields from the job ad poster like hiring company, education level, pay estimate, skills, job roles, benefits plus links to various job systems for employers like Glassdoor profile, Link to company careers page, links external job boards plus resume databases.

RENT – Landlords list your rental for only $2 per 2 Months Listing or $5 for 1 Year. Feature Your Rental for only $12 More to stand out in listings within your local area.

SELL – FSBO and Real Estate Agents can now use our low cost system as an additional way to get exposure for your harder to move properties. We have numerous filters and searching tools in these categories that help locate good value properties locally.

Browse thru Items for Sale listed by sellers and storefronts. See if you are getting the best deal by comparing the SKU, Brand name,  item info, condition, weight and shipping info. Sell your used household items, list your local storefronts products or dropship your sales right to your customer from our leads generated from your posting.

Use Sort Ad Style Type : Items for Sale to view only products in this section. Use Sort Ad Style Type : Local Biz Listed to find stores selling the type products locally.

The School Study category is geared toward the schooling, online learning and continuing education services locally. 

The Sick Solutions category is geared toward the healthcare community to garner more walk in traffic to their offices. It allows for online booking links, link to careers page, Facebook page, Google profile, LinkedIn Company URL & more.

The Sports Spots category allows for ticket link signups, gift certificate donations link, reserve spot booking url & more.

When browsing in Tasty Eats Out, you can click right from the ad on many posts to order food online. We suggest food service posters to supply us with a link to the most recent menu. We allow them links to Google Reviews & Facebook Profile 

In the Time For Fun, you can click from the ad on many posts that link to bookings or ticket sales.


In the Where To Trip, you also can click from the listings on many postings which link to bookings or ticket sales.

List local County Storefronts to gain more walk in visitors.  Post specials unique to the site to know where people found you.

Self Help Group Meets, Lost & Found, Homelessness Outreach, Helping Hands, Charity Orgs 


In the Work The Web section, you can click to view web services with links to sites, portfolio and any careers hiring page.

Walk-Thru On Category & County Results Listing Views + Filters

This is the standard method of serving the results to users in a list format as seen in the below snapshot.

This is another way to display the results to users in a grid format as seen in the below snapshot.


This is third way to display the results to users in a map format as seen in the below snapshot.

You also can sort results from A-Z, Z-A, Price, Recently Added, First Added, Most Viewed & Least Viewed

Adding & Editing Your Posting

Post a classified ad at any time by clicking the “Listing Form” link in the top menu or the List It On Sells.org link on the homepage footer. This area guides you through our posting process where you will be able to select a category and location for your ad, title, description, and upload up to 12 pictures. Additional AD Features you may include depending on your FILTER VIEW are a map to your location, video link, social media profile. Categories like Real Estate and Vehicles for Sale have various custom fields for additional data to enhance your listings. Click here to post an ad

Our classifieds system is moderated and we review each ad before pushing live. After your submission we will request payment of $5 PER 1 COUNTY PER 1 CATEGORY IF YEARLY AD SELECTED

During ad creation you will be asked to select your Category. We delete submissions in our pending 3 days after invoicing if no payment is sent. After payment plus your ad verification review your ad will be LIVE within 36 hours.

Our system allows your ad posted on our site for 7 DAYS FREE for most categories. You can UPGRADE to 60 Day posts for $2 or Yearly for $5. Get A Lifetime Listing or Featured Upraded sponsor ad for another $12 Each if you Prefer.

You will receive an a email 3 days prior to ad expiration to inform you that your posting is set to expire. You will have up to 3 days to make the renewal payment from that day. Your ad will be deleted out from our system 180 days after ad expiration. Once deleted from our system you will need to create a fresh new ad if you would like to get relisted thereafter.

Yes. If you click Manage Listings in the top menu or right sidebar flyout menu, just login and change the ad(s) you wish to update. PLEASE NOTE: Being our system is moderated your edit will put the ad back in review status for up to 48 hours. Once the changes are reviewed by our team and approved as safe, we will reactivate the listing. It is best to get the ad perfect first time around to get the maximum amount of days and viewers to your ad while the listing is posted.

NO. Typically, the price feature during ad setup is for Vehicle Listings, Product Goods, Real Estate and other specialty categories. If adding a price makes sense to your ad feel free to use this area & will will review it during ad posting approval process before pushed LIVE to the site.

Sometimes during ad creation the pin is not always able to locate your exact location. When in the Ad creation area the Pin CAN BE dragged to the proper spot on the map if you feel it is needed for your posting.

YES & NO. We prefer you at least let us know your county and zip code to maximize the views your ad will get. For Local Storefront type businesses who accept walk-in traffic, feel free to add your full address in the bigger box.

Each ad you place can be added to only 1 category & 1 county. You would need a separate ad for each of the county and category you would like to list your ad which can be done and managed in your account area. Larger ad posters can always reach us through our Support area in the top menu so we can help with minimizing some cost and helping you setup your ads in a quicker manner then doing 1 by 1 by yourself. 

We allow up to a dozen images and 1 video URL 

Billing & Payments

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Featuring My Ad(s)

Featured Ad listings display above all regular ad submissions in each category. As a new Featured ad gets posted it goes to the top of the Featured in the selected category as well as in the locations by county listings. 

After paying for your regular ads review insertion fee of $5 PER 1 COUNTY PER 1 CATEGORY PER YEAR you can upgrade your Ad.

EX. – If you setup in 1 county and 1 category during initial setup at the cost of $5 YEARLY, afterward if you go to manage listings you can click the BLUE “PROMOTE” button to Upgrade the AD for only $12 more as Featured.


Registering & Account Management

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Staying Safe From Scams & Fraud

We have a dedicated team working to keep you safe by reviewing every posting and edit. Report listings that seem like they might be fraud, spam, or engaging in illegal activities, such as discrimination or any seen trademark violations.

When you report a listing it will processed by our Editors and the user will be removed if found in violation of our Terms of Use policy.

Unwanted / Banned Content

FOR ONLINE ONLY SELLERS – No public posting of personally identifiable information, such as but not limited to, phone numbers, street addresses or banking information. For your safety, you may share this information with specific members in private messages. Businesses with store fronts or locations can post added information for walk in customers.

No User’s That Are Under 18 Can Use Our Services If Unable To Complete Legal Binding Contracts Yet

Any posting, listing, or uploading items for sale that are generally illegal to own or possess.

No uploading of viruses or other malicious code.

No solicitation of login information or accessing an account belonging to someone else.

No bullying, intimidation, or harassment of any member.

No Work at home jobs scams which are solely listed for the purpose of duping users

Unwanted/Prohibited Items

Any Type of illegal items, illegal services and/or items which encourage or engage in illegal activity.

Religious items, including books, artifacts, etc. or any information, description of any such item that is likely to affect the religious sentiments of any person or group

Weapons and related items, services or activities including but not limited to:
Ammo, Armor, BB/Pellet Guns, Bow/Arrows, Firearms & Parts, Flash Bangs, Handcuffs, Hazard Materials/Explosives, Knives, Machetes, Military items, Pepper Spray/Tear Gas, Replica/Fake Weaponry, Stun Guns, Swords, Throwing Stars/Knives, Whips

Regulated products/services not meeting consumer product safety standards required, including but not limited to:
Restricted/Regulated Plants and Seeds
Taxidermied Animals, Bear Traps or Ivory
Body parts / fluids, including breast milk, surrogacy, fertility and donor requests
Adoption/Surrogacy Services (seek or offer)
Hazardous materials such as destructive devices, fireworks and explosives
Recalled or expired items
Unsanitized bedding/clothing
Any other goods not appropriate for resale for safety, health, or other reasons like CPAP machines, medical needles, etc.

Obscene or offensive material including but not limited to:
Any foul language, Escort services or sexual services of any kind, Nudity, Offers or solicitation of prostitution, Pornography

Alcohol or tobacco products, vaping devices, hookahs, e-cigarettes & components 

Prescription drugs, prescription contact lenses, medical devices requiring a prescription, controlled substances

Stolen property and property with serial number removed/altered and blacklisted items

Any products, goods, services or contracts that the seller does not have the legal right to sell

Personal, confidential or proprietary information inclusive of but not limited to:
Birth certificates & Government documents, Uniforms, coats-of-arms and or any Government emblems, ID cards & Licenses, Police insignia, Counterfeits of any of above items

Counterfeits, replica, or pirated items including brand trademark infringement and counterfeit currency or stamps; fraudulent deceptive content

Pyramid schemes and MLM Multilevel Marketing or similar scams which are solely listed to defraud users

Stocks and other securities

Tickets, coupons or gift cards

Lottery / raffle tickets, sweepstakes, slot machines & gambling items

Items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation, or content that promotes organizations or people with such views including but not limited to:

Animal Breeding
Black Americana Items
Confederate Flags
Native American Costumes

User Submitted General Questions

We have a section for employers to list new jobs at HIRE WORKER and steadily trying to grow out this area on sells.org. You can always flip items from or sell any un-needed items you may own in our STUFF 4 SALE

Additionally, there are many ways to earn within the categories from data entry jobs to taking Higher Learning classes improving career path goals. Get the skills that pay the bills like teaching music if you have a passion for that.

We know that every business is very different in various ways even if in the same niche. This is main the reason we review each post to help maximize inbound leads using our platform.

Below are a few scenario’s that’s a very small sampling of how we can help. 






There is the ability to post a free ad and renew it every week. For a low cost fee of $2 or $5 you would have to renew but every 60 or 365 days.

There are a few reason we ask for payment on your ads:

  • We review every ad by hand to ensure platform quality, authenticity of ads, legality of content
  • We offer support on setting up your ad(s) if needed by reaching out to us directly
  • We allow up to a dozen ad images and 1 video URL which increases server bandwidth costs
  • We Use NO 3RD Party Pop OR Banner Ads Around Our Listings Now NOR Plan To In The Future
Many free classified sites only allow a few images and everything is self serve. Most of these also have a very cluttered look loaded with 3RD Party Sponsored ads.

Currently we are working on a system for website owners and friends of Sells.org to link to us for added income.

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